Our smile is the greatest asset of our personality. It reflects who we are and it functions as our personal greeting card to the world we face. Our smile is one of the first things people notice about us. A clean, beautiful smile can warm the hearts of those you love. However, when we neglect our teeth we risk losing that treasured form of expression.

Combination of veneers and porcelain crowns in upper arch only

Aging Teeth.....

Over time and with continued usage of our teeth, our teeth also can show some signs of aging. The edge of our front teeth will get worn down or chipped away, gradually making them appear shorter than before. Also, numerous microfractures or abrasions on our tooth surface will accumulate stains that will darken our smile. Since this whole process happens gradually we don't notice that our smile is not the same smile we had originally.

Smile Restoration!

If your smile is not showing the confidence you want the world to see, the office of Dr. Charles C. Lee can restore the smile that you have lost or always wanted. Dr. Lee combines the art and science of oral health and can create a beautiful and natural smile you can be proud of. Together we can bring out the true personality in your smile.

Veneer restorations on front teeth

Full Denture Treatment

Bonding/White Fillings